Upcoming Tournaments


First Tuesday Tournaments


A club tournament is held the first Tuesday of each month

  • The tournament will begin at 7:00 pm.
    Players who arrive after that time, or who do not wish to participate in the tournament, may be able to play depending on the availability of tables.

  • Events will typically be played as 4 to 6 person round-robins.

  • There are three separate events played.  Players are placed into one of the three categories based on their skill level.

  • There is no additional fee to participate in the tournament

  • All players are assigned an initial rating at their first tournament.  Ratings will be adjusted after each tournament based on an approximation of the USATT rating procedures.

  • Club ratings will be maintained to track your progress against other club members.  You do not need to be a USATT member to play in the club league.

  • For players who are USATT members, league ratings are kept separate from your normal USATT rating.  Your league play will not affect your USATT rating or visa versa.

  • The winners of the three tournaments receive bonus rating points for their achievement.  Winners of the lower two events also win a promotion to next higher group at the next month's tournament.


Click here for a complete list of USATT sanctioned events in your area.